Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thrifting and Twirling

When I first started posting outfit photos, Stefanie, a friend of mine, thought I was holding back.

"It looks like you wanted to twirl in this photo but didn't," she said, pointing to a picture in one of my early blog posts. "I need to see more twirling."

Honestly, I hadn't thought of twirling until she mentioned it. I've considered doing it in outfit photos since, but I haven't been wearing dresses with good twirling potential. Until now.

I bought this dress a couple years ago while thrifting. I had met my friend, Karen (whom you met in yesterday's post: Roses are Red, Stripes are Black and White), for lunch. She lives in Lakeland and was working right across the street from a great vintage/thrift store. I stopped in after we ate and brought this beauty home with me.

So, without further ado: My first twirling photo!

Matt and I took several twirling pictures, and none of them were particularly noteworthy. My feet were in awkward positions, and I was making weird faces. I'll work on my twirling skills and hopefully get some better shots next time. Because, let's be honest: Like Stefanie, I need to see more twirling.

How gorgeous is this ring? I was looking for something that had both Matt's birthstone (opal) and my birthstone (turquoise), and I lucked out on Etsy when I found this unique handmade ring from RRKK.

The necklace is also a find that I absolutely love. I got it from an outdoor market at Oak Creek Vista that Matt and I stopped at on our way to Sedona, AZ, during our vacation last summer. We didn't plan to spend time in Sedona until we were already in Arizona, and Matt just happened to spot this market en route on the driver's side as I was taking pictures from the passenger window of our rental car. We made a split-second decision to pull into the overlook, which was breathtaking! The whole experience was an impromptu success.

The necklace came with a business card-sized certificate of authenticity with a picture of the artist, Debbie Deschene, a Native American enrolled in the Navajo Tribe who creates inlay jewelry. If I lived in Sedona, I would make every excuse to go to this market as often as possible!

Outfit Details:
Thrifted Dress from 360 Unlimited in Lakeland, FL
Belt from the Ride Here, Right Now dress from ModCloth
Target Tights
Payless Shoes (old)
Ring from Etsy shop RRKK
Necklace from an outdoor market at Oak Creek Vista, just north of Sedona, AZ

Photos by my sweet fiance, Matt

This post contains ModCloth and Payless affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you click on them and make a purchase.


  1. What a pretty dress, the print is just great! And the twirls! I've been taking a few twirling pics myself lately and absolutely know what you mean about the awkwardness. Who knew it would be so hard lol!

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

    1. LOL! The way I thought I looked twirling and the way I actually look twirling are two completely different things. :-D

  2. Your jewelry is perfect and what a fabulous thrifted dress. Love the photo of Cleo looking up at you too.
    I was recently trying to take twirling photos, but unfortunately it didn't go so well.. We'll both get there lol <3

    1. Thank you! Cleo has a look of uncertainty in that last photo, doesn't she? I think the way I looked while I was twirling frightened her! :-D

  3. Love this you are the cutest and that Cleo is too ;-)