Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March Wish List

Here are all the cute things I'm wishing for this month.

1. Cutest of the Fruit Dress from ModCloth, $52.99
I love fruit prints for summer, and this one has all my favorites. It also may or may not already be on its way to me. ;)

2. Red Strawberry Dangle Earrings from SheInside, $6.52
The only fave fruit the first dress is missing? Strawberries! These earrings would totally complete the look.

3. Candy Color Messenger Bag in Khaki from Oasap, $29.99 (on sale)

Name one thing this bag wouldn't go with. You can't? Exactly!

4. Women's Tucker 2-Piece Flat Sling from Payless ShoeSource, $24.99 (on sale)

I've been seeing these types of sandals in lots of stores, and I stop to look at them each time. I have a feeling I won't be able to resist the magnetic affect they seem to have on me much longer.

5. Boucle Sailor Collar Dress in Salmon from Lily Boutique, $19 (on sale)

Can you believe I have zero pink dresses? Maybe now's the time to remedy that, especially since this one has a sailor collar!

6. Watercolor Exhibition Dress from ModCloth, $74.99

Beautiful, floral and vintage-y? Gimme, gimme and gimme!! :P

If anyone wants to send me any of these things, my mailbox is open. ;)

What are you wishing for this month? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Ooh I do like that bag! You're right, of course, it would be so easy to wear with just about anything.
    I'm wishing for ever so many things! Top of my priority list would be the Soda Shop Sweetie dress from Modcloth (http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/soda-shop-sweetie-dress) and Lindy Bop's Ophelia dress in floral (http://www.lindy-bop.com/dresses/jive-swing-dresses/ophelia.html) which restocked the other day but sold out in a matter of hours and I missed out! Hopefully I'll get it next time!

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

    1. Ahh, the Soda Shop Sweetie Dress! Polka dots + mint = cutest dress ever! And I remember that Lindy Bop dress from one of your wish lists. So pretty! :)

  2. Love the fruit dress and strawberry earrings!! Too cute. (especially paired together!!) oo00oo and sounds like you already ordered it, yay! Modcloth is so addicting.


    1. Totally agree about ModCloth! They're the best when it comes to cute clothing/accessories. And by now you've seen that the fruit dress arrived at my door yesterday. I wore it today, and it should hit the ol' blog soon! It's so cute and flattering. And I finally wore my fruit flats with it! :-D

  3. Aw that pink dress is so so cute! Also loving the fruit print and earrings.

    1. Thanks! I need more pink dresses in my life! :-P

  4. Those dresses are all so cute and the earrings!!!!

    1. Thanks, friend! Sorry I missed your party yesterday. :( How did it go?