Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Daisy Nails Tutorial

When spring began last week on the day I started my new job (woot!), I made sure my nails were ready for both occasions with this cute daisy nail art design that I made up myself.

Want to replicate it? Here's how!

I started out by peeling the Revlon By Marchesa 3D Jewel Appliques in Silk Rosette off my nails. The Color Club Factory Girl nail color underneath was still intact, so I didn't change the polish.

Then, I used a white Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen to draw the flower petals. I gave each full flower about five petals, and I also painted partial flowers at the edges.

Next, I used a dotting tool dipped into yellow polish to create a dot at the center of each flower. If you don't have a dotting tool, you could use a toothpick instead. I originally thought I would stop after this step, but the flowers looked kind of like fried eggs, so I decided to add some leaves.

I used a smaller dotting tool dipped in a green polish and randomly added leaves to the flowers where I thought they looked best.

Finally, I added a topcoat, and voila! Daisy nails complete!

How are you painting your nails for spring? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Oh my goodness! It's so simple, yet so cute! I'm for sure going to have to try this out (:

    1. Yay! Yes, it's really easy. If you do end up trying it out, share a picture with me! :)

  2. WHAT! i can't believe how easy this is to do- it looks so intimidating at first. but seeing how i paint my nails like a blind person mine probably won't turn out quite as perfect, haha. teach me your ways! and thanks for your super amazing comment on my blog, it really made my week. i'm so glad you enjoy reading my posts :))

    xo marlen
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    1. Aww, thanks! Try it out--I bet you'll do great. And about my comment on your blog: You're so welcome! I really like your writing style. <3

  3. Love them so much, perfect for spring!!!! xo