Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Sprinkle of Bike Flavor

I don't usually wear skirts.

Not sure exactly why, but it probably has something to do with the following facts:

1. I already own lots of dresses.
2. Said dresses are easier to throw on than skirts. There's no trying to coordinate some sort of top.
3. Dresses tend to be more flattering on me, and they don't necessarily require belts. I find that I'm more comfortable without a belt, which is almost a must with a skirt to help an outfit transition from top to bottom.

This skirt is one of only two that I own, and I haven't worn it in years. But one thing that blogging has helped me do is sprinkle new flavor into pieces that have gone stale, and come up with new ways to mix up outfits.

I've told you before that I can't resist a good bike print (Pennyfarthing Print Dress), and the pennyfarthings dotting this skirt are what drew me to it even though it was nearly hidden on a bottom rack at Target.

It was hard for me not to wear all my bike things together, so I plucked this T-shirt, which I also haven't worn in a million years, from my closet to perfectly match. It has a lady riding a bike on it, although the placement of the screen print right under the bust is a little awkward, and you can't see much of it tucked into the skirt.

I threw on a few pieces of my bike jewelry, and grabbed my purse that I've plastered with buttons, and I was ready to go. Weekend outfit success!

Outfit Details:
ModCloth Shirt, Ring and Earrings (old, similar earrings on eBay)
Target Skirt (old)
Urban Outfitters Shoes (old)
Target Purse (old)
Michael's Necklace Charm (old, similar options via The Find)

Photos by my sweet fiance, Matt

This post contains ModCloth and Urban Outfitters affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you click on them and make a purchase.


  1. It never fails to astonish me that you always have the perfect matching top/skirt/accessories for every outfit!! So envious. I'm so lacking in accessories.

    Love this entire look!!

    xo Jana

    1. Ha! Thanks! I've made it my hobby since college to bring home one accessory from each new place I visit as a souvenir, so that's helped me build an eclectic collection. Plus I love jewelry, so even when I'm not traveling, I'm always finding things that I "have to" have!

  2. That skirt is fabulous on you!!!! xo

    1. Thanks! So good seeing you earlier this week! <3

  3. I love all the pins on your bag. And I must say, you have the best coordinated outfits. I aspire to have great accessories like you some day <3