Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tights That Change Colors?

What color do these tights look like to you?

When I found them in the store, I was sure they were dark green. I didn't have any green tights, so I bought them and put them away while I waited for a chilly day to wear them.

Well, that day finally came this week, and when I pulled my new green tights out of my drawer, I was a little confused.

The green tights that I had bought somehow looked navy. But when I put them on and looked at them in the mirror, they looked green again. Then I put my shoes on, and what do you know--the tights changed back to navy.

All this flip-flopping from dark green to navy reminded me of peacock feathers, which inspired my accessories.

I like the outfit I put together regardless of the color of the tights.

But I still haven't figured out which hue I'm wearing. Is it green? Or is it navy?

Outfit details
Dress from Anthropologie (old; similar from H&Msimilar from Target)
Tights from Target (in assorted colors, including dark green and navy ::wink::)
Shoes from Go Fish Clothing (old)
Purse, vintage, thrifted
Headband from Icing (old, similar)
Temporary Tattoo from Etsy shop Pepper Ink

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